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In short, before owning my own marketing agency, I was one of the unfortunate victims of these terrible web design companies & marketing agencies. A vast majority of these companies lie, steal & lock their clients into binding contracts making it difficult for them to leave. Everything from compromising a businesses Facebook page, to charging fees to sell the domain back to the actual owner. I’ve seen it all. A fair percentage of my clients are people iv’e helped to escape from these terrible companies and people posing as if they have a company when in reality they are freelancers. Owners are literally entrusting us with their livelihood. Therefore, as a result of all of these sleazy & unexperienced marketing agencies, we are building a brand of honesty and integrity. We also “listen” to what potential clients need and do not try to coerce them into packages not suitable or necessary for their business. In the “about the owner” section, you’ll receive a full description of my story regarding my company. I look forward to setting up a meeting with you. Thank you 😊 

Yes! Our services are affordable. However, as previously stated, before owning a marketing agency I was the one paying thousands of dollars for a company I didn’t even launch yet. As a result of my terrible experience and dealing with many different types of clients, I was sure to create a very unique pricing structure. We have pricing for small businesses and/or businesses we consider low competition. We have pricing for med to large size businesses and/or businesses with high level competition. We also have custom pricing for large franchises & international businesses. With that said, what do we mean by low and high competition? A local hair salon or pizza shop located in a small to med size city will be considered a small business and/or a business with low competition. An accident injury firm, a disaster restoration company and a dentist office located in a med to large city will be considered businesses with high competition. For example, if you live in a med to large size city, you will most likely see billboards, hear commercials on radio, tv & see ads everywhere for multiple accident injury firms. As a result of the cost of ads and your competitors, this type of industry needs a high marketing budget. Even so, you will have marketing agencies that will lie and allow these type of competitive brands to pay a low budget just to close a deal, knowing that they will not be seen no matter your level of skill (when the company learns that the marketing is not effective and tries to leave, that is where the binding contracts come in). If the majority of disaster  restoration companies have an ad spend of 10k – 50k, and your client is paying $900, your client will simply not be seen and/or be flushed out by multiple competitors paying 1000x as much. On the flip side, a local family restaurant who needs marketing services has no business paying 5k per month for a marketing budget. I know of local companies who are currently paying over 1k per month for agencies to post generic photos and videos to their Facebook Business page. They actually think they are getting a deal. It’s a rip off. We are honest about our pricing and level of service. 

Absolutely! That is why we are here. We make it very simple and do our best to educate and explain what is going on with your marketing. A vast majority of our clients utilize our Basecamp project management system. All conversations, information, photos videos etc… are in one organized place. Also, clients are able to see whats needed in their project in real time. We are certainly here to help. Our clients continue running their business while we take care of the rest. 

Yes we do. We have an extremely competitive web design kit. Unlike your normal web designer, as a marketing agency we build our sites based on users actions. Clean, modern, user friendly & to the point. We do not fill your site with unnecessary content that will just confuse users and slow your site. I look forward to speaking further. 

Depending on the specific situation, yes we can. We have a very high success rate in helping companies escape the grasp of these sleazy agencies attempting to trap you binding contracts. You’ll be surprised how many of these so called companies are actually freelancers working out of their homes. Once they experience a real marketing agency, they normally give and and back off. Along with releasing the clients Facebook page and domain they tried to compromise. 

Yes we do. As a digital agency, we conduct business in the United States & Outside of the United states. Schedule your free consultation today. Thank you