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Here at Mcduffie Marketing LLC, we provide 80% of your marketing needs. Stop paying multiple companies for generic work. As a result of our experience and expertise, we’re a “one stop shop” Full Service marketing agency.

Customized & Tailored Marketing

The days of GENERIC automation is coming to an end. Here at Mcduffie Marketing LLC, our professionals have a unique style of customized, aggressive & basic marketing campaigns to keep users engaged resulting in high traffic.

One Stop Shop

A vast majority of business owners pay thousands to multiple companies for generic automation. Here at Mcduffie Marketing LLC, we’re changing this expensive culture. Our experts provide customized work & top notch customer service for a competitive price.

Industry Leading Consulting

Our job is not only to save you hard earned money, but most importantly our consultants assist in utilizing your marketing budget wisely. We believe in trial, error, execution & consistency. Every shoe does not fit on the same foot at Mcduffie Marketing LLC.

Facebook Configuration &

Facebook is the #1 social media platform when utilized correctly and strategically. Unlike most agencies who only post pictures and stats, we actually run real marketing campaigns in the background. Our marketing campaigns consistently bring in traffic from targeted areas. Consistency is key. Some ask, what about Instagram? Instagram is extremely effective depending on what industry you’re in. With that said, do not forget that Facebook purchased Instagram ;therefore, Instagram is Facebook.

Modern Web Design

We must consistently teach that we’re no longer in the click and wait society, we’re in the SCROLL & LOOK society. We conduct massive research regarding the psychology of humans in regards to marketing, one of which are users actions on web sites. With the proper marketing campaigns, once users are directed to your website, they must feel comfortable and confident in your product or service. Having a bad, generic outdated website is equivalent to walking into an old dirty outdated restaurant. Your website should be a place visitors quickly take ACTION. Providing a free product to grab the visitors information, purchasing a product or filling out a contact form for further information. These are the modern uses of a proper website.

Google Advertising (PPC)

Be careful of the inexperienced marketers that scream social media is the holy grail. Our experienced professionals are highly trained at Mcduffie Marketing LLC and fully understand that Google Advertising is an absolute necessity for some products or services. Needless to say, visitors are not going on social media to purchase Maple Syrup or to find certain emergency and/or legal services. For certain product based and emergency services, social media is more of a psychological campaign verses a “I am looking to purchase now” campaign. Therefore, again, Google Advertising is an absolute necessity for some products or services. Our experts are here to properly consult your business in the right direction.

Our Secret Sauce:
Customized Blog & Engaging Articles

When executed strategically and efficiently, there is literally nothing more cost effective to promote your product or service. Our professionals utilize a writing technique we call “trolling”. If you would like your website to rank online, it’s not just about how many visitors you have, it’s about HOW LONG those visitors stay on your website along with additional actions taken regarding visiting additional pages. It’s properly referred to as a “bounce rate”. In short, having a proper blog and promoting on social media is the secret sauce to outshining your competitors.

Founder/CEO: Darren McDuffie
“It’s getting more & more difficult to find people with Honor & Integrity”

Having served my country as a two time combat veteran, a lieutenant in the police department and most importantly a husband and a father, having Honor & Integrity is extremely important to me. I will be the first to tell you that it is extremely difficult in the world of business and entrepreneurship. I have tried and failed many times in business. I’ve maxed out credit cards, received personal loans & dipped into savings just to fail over and over again at my first few business ventures. I hate to use the word fail, being that I learned tremendous lessons which helped me finally grow and sustain the successful business I have today. With that said, I understand more than most what it is like to spend your hard earned money on services you need to grow or sustain your business. Therefore, I take marketing & business consulting very seriously. I was once the guy paying over 4k for a website I had no business paying over 1k for. I was once the guy paying agencies thousands of dollars for services I could have easily paid a few hundred dollars for. Even worse, I had no business even paying for some of these services while I was so early in development. These businesses I had dealings with in the past had no Honor or Integrity. They just take, take, take. They love it when you’re sitting there uninformed, bright eyed and bushy tailed. I was that guy. With a family at home to raise atop of that. I make it my business to not only give our clients great service, but to make sure their hard earned money is being spent wisely and not wasted. If you read this, thank you very much for reading and reviewing the content on my site. Work hard, don’t give up, be smart, be consistent, don’t be afraid to adjust when necessary and don’t let your struggle and success compromise your HONOR & INTEGRITY. Thank you again!

We Make Things Very Simple & Organized
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We utilize the top project management system in the world!
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Here at Mcduffie Marketing LLC, we do our best to help our clients have a good understanding of what’s actually going on in the background. After years of being in a project, you and your managers will appreciate everything being in one organized placed. From designs, invoices, receipts, instructions, schedules and messaging, this system seamlessly does it all. We limit the amount of phone calls, text messages & emails. Link your managers, partners and team members to this system as well. This is FREE for all of our clients.

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