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July 14, 2019

Promote Your Website For Free Method 1: Review Hacking

Promote Your Website For Free Method 1: Review Hacking. For those of you who clicked onto this article, I feel as if you’ve received this kind of information dozens of times over. I feel as if a vast majority of you are finally looking for a different, less generic answer of how to promote your website for free.

Here it is


Review Hacking

Review hacking is just what it sounds like. Depending on the industry you’re in, and where you live it may take a bit of digging. However, once you discover a bad company with an extreme amount of bad reviews, you can pick up some very good leads. These leads may become customers. Promote Your Website For Free Method 1: Review Hacking

How Is This Done?


Find major local competitors of your industry or service

Again, this may vary depending on the industry you’re in. A good start would be to utilize Yelp and Google maps. Simply enter a major competitor and take a look at the most recent reviews. You want to find extremely bad reviews. Most importantly, you want to find really specific bad reviews. For example, I know of two major local companies who consistently receive a large amount of terrible reviews. Some of these reviews are very specific. “I paid them for facebook marketing and they did nothing but take my money”. “They built two websites without my permission making it impossible for us to rank on google SEO. Also, when I cancelled my contract, they would not give me my website back”. You want to find recent, specific, bad reviews. These people have a problem that need to be solved. They paid a large local company to solve it. Said large company did not solve that problem. Therefore, the problem simply needs to be solved. 

Conduct research on the individual who submitted the bad review  

Once you find a list of bad reviews you want to hack, do your research on each individual. You want to find a company name, email, social media profile etc… It is very important to attempt to contact the individual outside the platform first. If you cannot find an email or social media profile, you will have to respond directly on the platform. It’s very important to know that you can get blocked or reported on these platforms. This is why you must create a generic account. I will cover that last.

(Very Important) Don’t sale them

Provide free information on how to solve their problem. If you’re a restaurant or service based business, simply offer them a free gift card or 100% free services etc… Please remember that these individuals are pissed off. They feel as if they have been ripped off and/or received bad service. Confidence and trust is lost. You must gain it back. You do not gain it back by sending them a message selling them. If they submitted a bad review about their social media marketing, simply send them some free information that can actually help them. If they received a bad spa treatment, offer them a free visit to your massage/spa. Always end the message with something such as: If you need any help or assistance, contact us any time at —–. We will do our best to provide you with a better experience than the last etc… 

Prepare to get blocked

Yes, as you can imagine this kid of activity is prohibited on most platforms. But who cares about that. With that said, do not HACK REVIEWS FROM YOUR PERSONAL OR BUSINESS ACCOUNTS. Simply create a generic account. Different email and different user name. I previously stated above that if you’re unable to obtain the individuals email, business info or social media account info, the only option would be to send a message on the platform. You may get reported, you may not. You may get blocked, you may not. The key is to hack as many recent reviews as possible before this occurs. 

So there you have it! This is very unorthodox and something you will most likely not hear often. Thank me later and write a review. A good one lol! Thank you very much for reading. McDuffieMarketing.com 

June 26, 2019

Landing Page Vs Multi Page Websites

Landing Page Vs Multi Page Websites

“The click and wait society is dead”
We’re now in the scroll and look society!

Landing Page? Are any of you old enough to remember the old websites? The old websites with eight to ten pages? The home page, about us page, meet the team page, contact us page, product page, location/maps page. Lets not forget about the good old photos and videos page. Pages upon pages.

For a very long time, the old traditional websites were supreme. Consequently, society has changed dramatically. Personalities, work ethic, patience, IQ all have changed. Technology has changed dramatically as well. Access to information, speed, accessibility, and to make this relevant, SOCIAL MEDIA.

Years ago,

I stumbled across some very interesting and scary research. This research showed live recordings of users activity when landing on certain websites. Over 80% of users literally landed on the first page, scrolled up and down, looked at a few things and exited the website. Hence the scroll and look society. The about us page did not get visited. The photos page did not get visited. Even the contact us page had a low amount of users clicking on the page.

Even more disturbing was the level of patience.

There were a certain percent of people who would actually click on a page, wait for literally about 2-3 seconds and click off of the page. Two to three seconds and a large amount of visitors were clicking off of the page. Let’s be honest. The vast majority of websites take longer than a few seconds to load. Even if the user has super fast internet and a great device or computer, a normal website may take a bit longer than a few seconds to load a page. Especially if it’s the users first time visiting the site.

Most businesses large and small do not have a twenty thousand dollar customized HTML website. To be honest, most businesses large and small don’t even have dedicated servers and CDN’s. With no twenty thousand dollar customized HTML website, dedicated server and no CDN, the website may not load as fast as Google, Facebook or Amazon. Not to beat a dead horse but ;consequently, there is a very large percentage of users who will expect all pages on your website to load as Amazon or Facebook would load.

How do we simply fix this?
Keep on reading 🙂

Ok you don’t believe me? You think you should have at least 8 to 10 pages on your website. You think you should have a page on your website with a photo and video album?

There’s a program called “hotjar” that captures and records users activity when landing on your website. Any average Joe can pay for a subscription and gain access to this program. *(I am not promoting this program as an affiliate as I do not receive any royalties or a affiliate fee). With that said, go to www.hotjar.com and try it out for yourself. Then, get your web developer to create two different websites for A/B testing. Create a website with very low pages and with the vast majority of quick information on the first page. Then create a website with 8-10 pages. Download “hotjar” and watch how visitors/users utilize your website. Compare users actions on both of your sites. I can almost guarantee you will be getting rid of the website with 8-10 pages.

Therefore again, how do we fix this?

You’ve read this far so i’ll give you some really quick and informative tips. These tips may seem very simple, but you’ll be surprised of how many businesses and organizations have old outdated websites.

  1. Strategically place important content you want users to see right on the front page of your website. Users will wait a bit longer for the first page of your website to load. Once it’s loaded, they will begin to scroll through your site. If you have too many pages for users to receive information, a large percentage will simply not continue to wait for each page to load in order to receive more content and/or to take action. Your web developer can utilize tools such as “lazy load” and “wp smush” to optimize the speed and loading times on your home/landing page. 
  2. Downloadable content right on the front page. If you’re attempting to collect users information by giving away a free ebook, application, informative information etc… you should have that option right on the front page of your website. You can easily add a contact box with a submit to download or download now button right on the front page. If you have a very specific product or multiple free products, you can place a download now button on the first page to direct users to the actual download/splash page. With that said, once users click the link, that next page should be their last stop. The only option they should have is to fill in their information and receive their free download. Remember, we want to keep it very simple and keep the amount of clicks limited.
  3. Don’t oversaturate any page especially the home/landing page. I see this all too often. Paragraphs, upon paragraphs. Text, photos, videos etc… Do not do this. For my veterans, remember the KISS method; Keep It Simple Stupid. I prefer a quick informational video. 3 to 4 high quality photos with quick explainer content next to or under photo(s). Quick about us or about the owner section. Yes, I place a quick about us or about the owner right on the front page. A more descriptive about us or about the owner bio can most certainly be placed on a separate page. You can even say things such as, “want to know more about how William W. grew from poverty to a successful businessman, click here to read more”. Last but not least, a free download and/or contact box. Remember that your website is a tool and not a marketing campaign. You want users to do something. You want users to call, email, or submit their information. *A psychological trick for businesses with hours of operation is to place your location and hours of operation on a separate page. Visitors/users who are being very specific in looking for your location or hours of operation will most likely click and wait. This will boost ranking and decrease bounce rate (Example: restaurants, hair salons).
  4. Social Media is where you tell your story etc… I’ve had clients who do not want to look past this simple fact and are persistent in utilizing their website as if it’s their Facebook page. I am not going to go into great detail regarding this here being that this is very specific information placed inside my paid courses. Therefore, simply put. YOUR WEBSITE IT NOT FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM. You do not need dozens of photos and videos on your website. That is what your social media is for. Your social media is what should be targeting customers to visit your website. We’re in a new age now. 

There are of course many more techniques and tactics in creating a modern, effective website/landing page. Remember that we are no longer in the click and wait society, we’re in the scroll and look society. Again, please remember that your website is not a full marketing campaign. Your website is a tool. You should be utilizing various marketing tactic(s) to actually draw users/visitors to your website. Once visitors/users land on your website, you want them to take action. You want them to of course make a purchase, call, email, or submit their information and sign up to a mailing list etc..


This article can easily be over 50 pages. With that said, it would not be right if I did not give you an example of a few exceptions. It’s really grinding my gears that these so called marketing gurus saturating the internet are acting as if every company, organization or industry is the same. It’s not. Therefore, there are some exceptions to the rule of having a simple modern website with a low amount of pages.

  1. Most ecommerce websites. As a marketing and business consultant, when I receive a new client in an industry I may be unaware of or inexperienced with, I simply research the top most successful industries in the world applicable to that industry. Websites such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Macys etc.. are certainly not simple, modern sites with a low amount of clickable pages. These are very large, robust websites. Ecommerce sites certainly have a different structure. Especially if the site is a family brand and promoting the brand as such.
  2. Very specific services. Certain businesses, organizations or industries that are very specific. A dental office. Doctors office. Niche service or organization. These services may require a larger more in-depth site. In addition to that, the vast majority of people who visit these kind of websites are looking for very specific information from people with a very specific skill set. For example: A new research facility researching Alzheimer’s disease symptoms, or even a local doctors office recommended by a friend or radio ad. Another example would be an Artist selling and promoting very expensive art pieces. A very close friend of mine produces high quality art and sells to high profile clients. These high profile clients normally look into the artist in great detail. It’s also normal for these clients to schedule private showings. On some occasions, possible clients requested for her children and husband to be in attendance during these private showings. Miraculously enough, she has literally had 100% success in closing deals during these private personalized showings.

Again, there are of course many more techniques, tactics and examples I can throw your way. It’s very difficult to find a good, honest, reliable company. It’s also difficult to find a company that will keep up with the times in providing customized service. Do your research and be wise. Feel free to follow our Facebook page and visit our site for new informative content. We make it our business to prove our honor and integrity. Therefore, we hope we’re doing a good service by providing free tips and helpful information. www.mcduffiemarketing.com

Share this so that other business owners can read this important information. Thank you very much for reading.

June 25, 2019

Don’t Allow Ad Agencies To Hijack Your Facebook Business Page

Don’t Allow Ad Agencies To Hijack Your Facebook Business Page

I am going to get right to the point in this article. If you’re currently a business owner, in the process of starting your business or thinking about starting a business, you’re going to need all the basics regarding marketing at some point or another. We’re talking about web design, logo design, social media, business cards, Google PPC’s, giant billboard, an airplane flying your business name around the city, marching band, etc… You know, all those great things you need to promote your business lol.

Even if you’re somewhat knowledgeable of how to properly set up your social media accounts, Google PPC’s, website etc… you will most likely not have the time to properly run consistent marketing campaigns, produce fresh engaging content and moderate your account(s). Consequently, at some point, you will simply need to hire an expert to execute these time consuming tasks for you. Don’t Allow Ad Agencies To Hijack Your Facebook Business Page.

Ohhhh and the hunt begins!

The hunt of trying to find an Ad agency whose knowledgeable, honest and not charging 5-10k per month just for social media moderation. (Highway Robbery)


All jokes aside, there are some very important things you should be aware of beforehand to make the process easier and safer. Things that would save you months of your time and thousands of dollars in attorney fees as a result of filing for litigation. 

Things such as: 

Not allowing Ad agencies to steal, hijack or fully own your Facebook Business Page.

In my experience there are two main reasons why Ad agencies or the so called marketing gurus & freelancers hijack and fully own your Business Page(s). 

  1. Inexperience
  2. On purpose

I would put carelessness as number 3 ;however, that can go under inexperience as well. 

This is not rocket science ;therefore, I am not going to try to make myself sound smarter by riddling you with a bunch of terminology you may not understand. In short, when properly setting up a Facebook Business page you must start from a personal Facebook account. Years ago, Facebook would allow you to have a personal page with your own username and password, and a business page with your own username and password. This has not been the case for a very long time. 

Now once the Facebook business page has been properly created from “your”, “the owners” personal Facebook account, the Ad agency must then “request admin access” through their Facebook business manager account. Once the Ad agency send the request, either you or the Ad agency must login to your personal account and accept the request/permission.

Once the Ad agency has permission to become admin of your business page, they will no longer have to login to your personal page and will be able to fully control the Business Page from their Facebook Business Manager account. As an agency, the easiest way to accomplish this is to receive the login and password to your client(s) personal account(s). Once you’re fully complete, advise your client to change the password to their personal account(s) if they wish to do so. This will make the process run smoother and faster for you and your client. 


But why is this important? 

Lets provide a realistic scenario of what can happen when this is done correctly as stated above.

Let’s say you want to cancel service for whatever reason. You no longer want to conduct business with this Ad agency and no longer want them to have access to your Business Account. All you must do is go to your business page, go to settings, click on “page roles”, scroll down and find the person or ad agency, click on the name and click remove. It will prompt you to put your password in again to complete the change. Once that is completed, that Ad agency or employee of the Ad agency will be removed and no longer have access to your business page. From there, you can continue on your merry way.


So what happens when this is not done correctly?

How can Ad agencies hijack and own your Facebook Business Page?

Let’s provide another realistic scenario!


The individual or Ad agency does the complete opposite in setting up your business account. The large scammer agencies normally have a generic personal account they start the business page from. The smaller or freelance marketers will just create your business page from their own personal account. Either way, it’s not being created from your personal account. It’s being created from someone else’s personal account.

Lets say you want to cancel service for whatever reason. You no longer want to conduct business with this Ad agency and no longer want them to have access to your business account. You contact the Ad agency or freelancer and fully cancel service. A week or so goes by, you try to access your business account ;however, it’s no longer visible and/or not allowing you access. What do you do? 


You call the Ad agency or freelancer explaining your situation. 

What do they say? 


They say you must pay a fee for them to release the Business Page. Some agencies are so dirty and scammy, they go so far as to charge you a fee just to give you admin access without fully releasing the page.

Another situation that often occurs when an Ad agency or freelancer fully owns your page is granting others access to your business page. You will not have access to this option being that you must provide access via the Business Manager account and/or through your personal account. If your business page is set up through the Ad agencies personal account and not your own, how will you grant family or employees access?

Once you go to “page roles”, add the individual you wish to grant access, Facebook will prompt you to input the password to the personal account. If the business page was not created from your personal account, how will you obtain the password to grant someone access?

The Ad agency is not going to give you the password to their personal account(s). The guru or freelancer is not going to provide you the password to their personal Facebook account. Therefore, how will you grant access without needing permission from another. You should not have to ask permission or have to call someone to get permission to grant someone access to your business page. You’re the owner. Not the Ad agency or freelancer. 

A vast amount of my clients enjoy granting access to employees and members of the family who’s directly involved in the business. They enjoy posting and moderating from time to time as well and should not have to get my permission to do so. They are the sole owners of the account. Not my Ad agency. I actually highly suggest owners to add employees or family who will add photos and good content. As long as they do not attempt to boost posts, post too often, create spammy posts, post anything inappropriate and/or be disrespectful or argumentative when moderating (you’ll be surprised).


Moving forward, I experienced these scams first hand with several clients.


A vast majority of my clients simply left their previous Ad/Marketing agency and was in search for another. Needless to say, some of them simply went through hell in leaving these other companies. From being tricked into renewing another year, having to purchase their own domains after cancellation, and having their Facebook Business Pages hijacked.

At the beginning of my full service contracts, I often spend countless days and hours on the phone with the previous marketing/Ad agency. Being that I am knowledgeable and aware of the tricks, I normally retrieve my clients accounts a bit faster. Business owners or managers who are not privy to this are easily tricked and given the run around for months on end. At times they’re even tricked into restarting a contract or paying some kind of fee. This kind of terrible business is really giving Ad agencies and marketers a bad name.


I’ve had leads and possible clients who were flat out fed up and done with Ad agencies as a result of having such terrible experiences.


Over a year ago, I had the most terrible experience in retrieving a clients Facebook Account. This man had filed litigation and won. Just to have paid more money in legal fees than what he was actually awarded. Atop of the Ad agency charging this man for over a year for doing absolutely nothing, the Ad agency put a 5 thousand dollar price tag on his domain name after he finally cancelled services. They stated that he had 30 days to purchase before they put the name up for sale publicly. This is what really triggered him to file for litigation in the first place. 

After building a relationship with him, he wanted to give my agency a try and to purchase services. Consequently, he stated that he will only begin services if I can retrieve his Facebook Business Account from the previous Ad agency. The agency he had previously won a lawsuit against. 


This was by far the craziest, most scammy experience I’ve ever had. I will keep the process short being that it’s a lot to explain.

This is a very important, very real example! 

If you’re a business owner please beware of such scams. 

Get ready for this one! 


I called the Ad agency. Provided all required information. They tried to bully me and provide a vast amount of false information. I told them that this conversation is being recorded and that I am not getting off of the phone until my client has access and full control over “his” account. They were shocked that I understood all the terminology and so called lingo. After countless minutes of back and fourth, I was then transferred to a so called supervisor (so the scam begins). 

The so called supervisor took me through the same questioning as the initial representative. He then started to go through a series of questions of why my client cancelled services etc… I cut him off. He then stated, “these questions are required by the company”. I stated again that this conversation is being recorded. My client has already filed for litigation and won. If this agency does not allow my client to retrieve and fully own his Facebook Business account today, we will be filing for litigation again. (It was of course a lot more said back and forth, but that’s the gist of it). 


Ohh But It Gets Better!!!


He then gives me a speech, followed with a bunch of apologies. After about 45 minutes on the phone with him, he says, “I have to transfer you to this department to actually provide access and fully retrieve your account” etc…


So…. I wait and I wait. . . 


A lady picks up. Introduces herself and asks, “sir how may I help you”. By this time I’ve been on the phone for over an hour. I went from talking with two people from the United States to being transferred to a call center in India.

Now before I move forward, there is nothing wrong with India or call centers overseas. I have nothing against any country or employees of such. However, I am very aware that “some” of these call centers are underpaid and not as skilled. This is why a very large US based company has a call center at this location.

In regards to this specific company, this is how they further their scammy practices and tactics. Needless to say, this lady did not know what I was talking about. She was very nice. She was trying to get me taken care of. However, she did not have a clue, no matter how much I explained it. She actually offered for me to speak with her supervisor.


And yes, you’ve guessed it!!! 

I had to explain myself all over again!


He was very nice and very knowledgeable. After much back and forth, I finally retrieved the page for my client. From what I can remember, I was on the phone for over 2 hours!


But ohhh that’s not it. It gets better.


This man of course became a very loyal client of mine. Everything is going well. I clean up and rearrange his Facebook Business page. Took about 30 days to create personalized content for his page along with several other services, including a new website. I also scheduled the content to be posted. This business is a restaurant ;therefore, I had multiple posts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I check the account and I see all the posts going into one post! 


Let me quickly explain. Say three photos were posted. One at 9am. Another at 12 and another at 4pm. All three posts were automatically being placed into one facebook post/folder. I have dozens of clients and never seen this before. After contacting Facebook several times. After speaking with Facebook over the phone several times. Facebook said that they cannot help me and it must be some kind of internal issue that occurred when the business page was initially created.

They suggested deleting the page and starting over again from scratch. Well, what I failed to mention above is that we considered doing that previously. However, this page had been up for so long, the business had a vast amount of followers, check-ins and most importantly, reviews! Years and years of great reviews! Customers posting photos of food, commenting on how good their experience was etc… Those are more precious than diamonds and gold! This guy had a ton of outstanding reviews. Don’t want to lose that.

I asked my client. Do you want to delete the page and start over, or do you want to create one post every few days? He of course took the second option.


From filing litigation.

To hijacking the Facebook Business page.

To causing some type of internal problem with the Business Page unsolvable by the actual company; Facebook.

All of this could have been avoidable if my client would’ve read an article such as this before hiring an Ad agency. 

There is a lot more you can do to protect yourself by having some knowledge ahead of time. A few bad apples are causing our industry to have a bad name. Therefore, at McDuffie Marketing LLC, we pride ourselves in having Honor and Integrity. Even if potential clients do not hire our services, we feel obligated to inform and educate business owners so that they are better equipped in doing business with other agencies, web designers, marketers and consultants. 

If you would like further information, leave a comment below, email us, or click the chat box at the bottom right of the screen and type your question there. We will do our best to help point you in the right direction. www.mcduffiemarketing.com 

Don’t forget to share this. Let’s get this free informative information out there!

Thank you very much for reading. Enjoy your day. 

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