Promote Your Website For Free Method 1: Review Hacking

Promote Your Website For Free Method 1: Review Hacking. For those of you who clicked onto this article, I feel as if you’ve received this kind of information dozens of times over. I feel as if a vast majority of you are finally looking for a different, less generic answer of how to promote your website for free.

Here it is

Review Hacking

Review hacking is just what it sounds like. Depending on the industry you’re in, and where you live it may take a bit of digging. However, once you discover a bad company with an extreme amount of bad reviews, you can pick up some very good leads. These leads may become customers. Promote Your Website For Free Method 1: Review Hacking

How Is This Done?

Find major local competitors of your industry or service

Again, this may vary depending on the industry you’re in. A good start would be to utilize Yelp and Google maps. Simply enter a major competitor and take a look at the most recent reviews. You want to find extremely bad reviews. Most importantly, you want to find really specific bad reviews. For example, I know of two major local companies who consistently receive a large amount of terrible reviews. Some of these reviews are very specific. “I paid them for facebook marketing and they did nothing but take my money”. “They built two websites without my permission making it impossible for us to rank on google SEO. Also, when I cancelled my contract, they would not give me my website back”. You want to find recent, specific, bad reviews. These people have a problem that needs to be solved. They paid a large local company to solve it. Said large company did not solve that problem. Therefore, the problem simply needs to be solved. 

Conduct research on the individual who submitted the bad review  

Once you find a list of bad reviews you want to hack, do your research on each individual. You want to find a company name, email, social media profile etc… It is very important to attempt to contact the individual outside the platform first. If you cannot find an email or social media profile, you will have to respond directly on the platform. It’s very important to know that you can get blocked or reported on these platforms. This is why you must create a generic account. I will cover that last.

(Very Important) Don’t sale them

Provide free information on how to solve their problem. If you’re a restaurant or service based business, simply offer them a free gift card or 100% free services etc… Please remember that these individuals are pissed off. They feel as if they have been ripped off and/or received bad service. Confidence and trust is lost. You must gain it back. You do not gain it back by sending them a message selling them. If they submitted a bad review about their social media marketing, simply send them some free information that can actually help them. If they received a bad spa treatment, offer them a free visit to your massage/spa. Always end the message with something such as: If you need any help or assistance, contact us any time at —–. We will do our best to provide you with a better experience than the last etc… 

Prepare to get blocked

Yes, as you can imagine this kind of activity is prohibited on most platforms. But who cares about that. With that said, do not HACK REVIEWS FROM YOUR PERSONAL OR BUSINESS ACCOUNTS. Simply create a generic account. Different email and different user name. I previously stated above that if you’re unable to obtain the individuals email, business info or social media account info, the only option would be to send a message on the platform. You may get reported, you may not. You may get blocked, you may not. The key is to hack as many recent reviews as possible before this occurs. 

So there you have it! This is very unorthodox and something you will most likely not hear often. Thank me later and write a review. A good one lol! Thank you very much for reading. 

Promote Your Website For Free Method 1: Review Hacking

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